Business Visa Application

Obtaining as business visa can be very difficult as the Thai government has cut back on the amount of visas they issue. Obtaining one in Asia is near impossible. Speak to us to arrange a visa for you. Whether you want to work in Thailand or take advantage of investment opportunities there, you have to first apply for a non-immigrant visa. There are several different kinds of business visas for which foreigners wanting to work in Thailand can apply.
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September 7, 2012
Starting a Business in Thailand

Starting a business in Thailand requires that you look at the different types of partnerships available and the issue of work permits, taxes and licences. Lets look at the basics of starting a business in Thailand.Starting your own business in Thailand can be financially rewarding – but it can also be tedious if you do […]

Getting Married in Khon Kaen

Getting married in Thailand now requires that you have brought with all your documents from home to register your marriage in Thailand. What is needed and where is it used in Khon Kaen in Thailand. More and more people are getting married in Thailand. It is a popular place for foreigners to be married, because of the beautiful landscapes and the many romantic locations. As well, many times a foreigner will marry a Thai national.
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